Breathe New Life Into Your Yard

We offer landscaping services throughout Tiger, GA

You don't have to watch your yard wither away while your neighbor's lawns flourish. Take charge by calling McDonald Custom Works for landscaping services. We'll leave your lawn looking lush.

We can clear away underbrush and unwanted trees. By the time we're done, your yard will be clear and clean. Our prep work makes land ready for new developments. We can also make a scrubby patch of land look more presentable if you're trying to sell a house.

Contact us today to request landscaping services in the Tiger, GA area.

Add pathways and patios with our hardscaping services

Add pathways and patios with our hardscaping services

Hardscaping services allow you to navigate your yard without getting your feet dirty. We can create:

  • Stone and brick walkways
  • Flower beds
  • Rock and stone displays
  • Concrete slabs

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